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  • Let there be light

    In plural, perhaps. We just lit up all at once, testing the system and available control to the lights. Inspiring moment, the sea of these creatures suddenly coming alive.

  • Asko Foundation grant for Evolumination

    In July, we got good news regarding our funding. We are grateful for getting some additional funding for the project from Asko Foundation, the board of which allocated a modest but welcome special grant for Evolumination. While most of the work by us happens pro arte, the funding goes long way to acquire the components…

  • Towards DDW 2023

    We are busy producing Evolumination for Dutch Design Week in October. The individual lamps have now been all assembled after a summer of printing the parts and acquiring the LED’s and the works. A test run with 12 lamps was an exciting experience for all, as we got to see a glimpse of the emerging…